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Freely and Openly

by James Duggan | Jul 7, 2017 | queerVOICE | 0 Comments

As an LGBTQ+ person you might have heard people say, “just act straight and everything will be okay.”  What they are saying is to deny who you really are and live a lie. Well, seven years ago today the U.K. Supreme Court said that “gay” asylum seekers shouldn’t be...

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Power in the Pews

Thanks to a new Pew Poll, we can all rejoice to see the sea change of acceptance of same-sex marriage across almost all demographics. As a Catholic in exile, I am overjoyed at the progress my church is seeing.  Just two years after the U.S. Supreme Court approved...

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Burning Mississippi

On December 12, 2014, I wrote that, “Religious liberty exemptions laws are a slippery slope and one needs to ask where does it reasonably end? The religious right and those elected officials who kowtow to them will do all they can to stop the facilitation of same-sex...

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Pride Flag No More

We might as well talk about it . . . the elephant on the flag pole outside of Philadelphia City Hall . . . because everyone is talking about it in private but very few are willing to express their view in public. Let me just say from the start, I, like many diverse...

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