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Amusingly, when Dina, the film’s eponymous main subject, shares with loved ones her obsession with the Kardashians, one can’t help but notice the similarities between reality shows and “Dina,” a documentary that chronicles the pending nuptials of Philadelphia local...

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It’s confirmed: Hip-hop is officially dead; thanks to “Patti Cake$,” a preposterous film about a white girl who aspires to rap, which hammers the nail in its coffin. If the film is to be taken as literally as it depicts itself, white females no longer need the...

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“Detroit,” the major motion picture rendering of the events surrounding the 1967 Detroit Riots, encompasses everything that is wrong with Hollywood and its particular style of storytelling and film marketing. One would assume, given the film’s title...

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After nearly two decades in development limbo, the live-action version of “Wonder Woman” finally makes her way to the silver screen: punching, kicking, leaping, and lassoing amongst a barrage of top-notch special effects. To moviegoers, especially females,...

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“Alien: Covenant” is such a fitting title for the latest film in the Alien franchise. However, it is not in the franchise enhancing or reminiscent way that one would expect. The title isn’t even appropriate for the film’s plot, which I’ll touch on in a bit. The...

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Hollywood continues its mission to exploit every possible national holiday for the sake of a big box-office payday with “Snatched,” a comedy about a mother and daughter who get kidnapped while on vacation in South America and then antics ensue. After trying last year...