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After trying last year with the obviously titled “Mother’s Day,” and realizing that even with attaching A-listers Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston to it couldn’t inspire mothers to stop it from becoming a box-office bomb, Hollywood turns its attention to daughters; hence, appealing to younger audiences’ appetite for tasteless comedy by attaching the bottomless comedy of Amy Schumer.

It is inconceivable that a mature woman would want to spend such a scared and loving time (i.e. Mother’s Day weekend), or any other time for that matter, in a movie theatre watching this lowbrow film with her mom or her daughter. And if she does by happenstance, not having seen the film’s trailer or any marketing for it, she is sure to regret it later.

“Snatched” is clearly a vehicle for Schumer, who pounces on the silver screen like a feral animal, doing any and everything possible to get a laugh at the expense of character nuance.

From the start of the film, Schumer’s character, Emily, is totally unlikeable—which is not an uncommon, or unwelcome, character type in film by any means. But because Schumer thinks being rude and without morals is cool, and the film’s story doesn’t present any real repercussions for her behavior, the character comes off as shallow and annoying. Emily and her mom, Linda, portrayed by Goldie Hawn, spend most of the film being chased by bad guys. However, it is Emily who seems to be the film’s biggest antagonist.

Why Hawn decided to break her 15-year absence from acting for this film is kind of mind-boggling. She is so much better than this. Her performances in films such as “Housesitter” and “The First Wives Club” make her a comedy MVP. But, then again, a nice check has been known to persuade many actors into doing things that they normally wouldn’t.

While exhibiting an air of not being completely down with the film’s more uncivilized aspects, Hawn brings a much-needed warmth to it. Aware that she is playing a mother, which is opposite of Schumer’s lack of awareness in playing a daughter, she doesn’t allow the comedy to depreciate her screen persona or skill as an actor.

The film shines best through its supporting performances, led by the hilarious Wanda Sykes and the unbelievably gifted Joan Cusack as a pair of ex-military/wannabe sleuths. Cusack doesn’t speak one word of dialogue yet steals every scene she’s in. Christopher Meloni of “Law and Order” fame surprises here in the role of a would-be Indiana Jones. His physical transformation for the role alone is worth a viewing. “Eastbound & Down’s” Ike Barinholtz is perfectly nerdy as Emily’s socially challenged, middle-aged brother. Bashir Salahuddin, who played the love interest of Lauren Weedman’s Doris in the gay HBO series “Looking,” is a riot as a quick-tempered federal agent.

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